Centrefest is pleased to announced the six final bachelors that will be gracing the stage at International Beer Haus & Stage on Saturday, June 21st for their First Annual Bachelor Auction Fundraiser.

Bachelor 1 (in no particular order): Ken is a chivalrous man with deep delicious penetrating eyes and a lightning bolt smile! He likes to work out, enjoys golfing, and loves to ride his motorcycle. His idea of a perfect date is to take a ride on his Harley to the mountains, find a scenic spot for a glass of wine and indulge in some fabulous food.

Bachelor 2:  Tyler is a handsome Drywall contractor who has an innate ability to jazz up a plaid and jeans ensemble with leather cuff flare. His soulful eyes allude to his inner artist…he is a musician who plays guitar and also sings. Tyler enjoys working out, biking, travelling and hitting the beach for summer fun. A perfect date for Tyler would involve an afternoon picnic on the beach, a few cocktails and great conversation.

Bachelor 3:  Dan is a financial advisor who sports his suit by day and peddles his bike shorts at night. His favourite activities are biking, hiking, backpacking, and real camping. He would have won “Hottest Single Business Man of the Year”, but nobody has bothered to organize that type of event – until Saturday. Dan’s idea of a perfect date is to keep it flexible, active, and have fun.

Bachelor 4:  Dylan is the guy you’ll want to have order a drink for you. As a professional bartender, he knows what “happy hour” is all about and doesn’t bat an eye when someone mentions Sex on the Beach. Dylan’s idea of a perfect date is to head to his favourite restaurant, followed by a fun activity that is capped off with a romantic walk on the sand. Dylan enjoys admiring a cool sunset on a hot summer’s eve.

Bachelor 5:  A very special guest for the Centrefest Bachelor Auction, we are leaving him a mystery for ladies. Mystery Man X is the kind of man you need if you ever find yourself stuck seven stories high on a wire. Having no fear of heights, he will scale up any vertical incline for the gallant rescue, but there is a very good chance you might find yourself suddenly part of a hilarious show.

Bachelor 6:  Mike is one “Saxy” bachelor. Shop manager by day; Sax player by night! Mike loves all types of music; Electronic, Jazz, Rap or whatever suites his fancy. He has a fondness for dogs and enjoys golfing and mountain biking. Mike’s idea of a perfect date is basically good food and good company, but he likes things classy. He will wear a suit for you! Just in case you are wondering; Mike is a classic briefs type man with a love for fast cars…driven legally of course!

Bids will start at $50. In addition to date packages, ranging from a quiet evening on the town, to an adventurous action packed day, there are many great raffle prizes secured from local businesses.

All event proceeds benefit Centrefest 2014. Each year Centrefest gathers artists, performers, and street acts in Downtown Red Deer to create a unique atmosphere with outrageous and ingenious performances. With a kick off celebration on July 25th, Centrefest will take place on July 26-27.

The event will be emceed by Zed 98.9’s Morning Show host ‘Lock’ and Tera Lee from 95.5 KG Country, the event will be held at the trendy International Beer Haus & Stage, downtown Red Deer (5008, 48th Street). In addition to Zed 98.9 and 95.5 KG Country, event sponsors include: 100.7fm The River, Red Deer Express, Kraze 101.3 and Sunny 94.

Tickets are $10, which include a complimentary beverage, and are available at …comforts the sole, housewarmings and International Beer Haus & Stage. Tickets will also be available at the door.

For more information, visit facebook.com/centrefest and check out our Events tab.

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