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Everything you need to know about CentreFest Red Deer. If you require more detailed information, please reach out to us!

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Street performing or busking is an ancient form of entertainment. It is a style like no other. Street performers are that rare breed of entertainer in search of the best place or “pitch” to perform their art. Buskers can be dancers, mimes, artists, clowns, magicians, musicians, puppeteers, snake charmers, jugglers, acrobats, sword swallowers, tumblers, living statues, comedians, and more!

There is no form of entertainment that is so diverse and eclectic than street performing. A good busker draws upon the audience, adapting to his or her surroundings. No two shows are ever the same, which makes street performing a truly unique form of entertainment.

What is a street performer?

Depending on their motivation, street performers travel the globe with their impromptu performances. Performers at CentreFest come from far and wide, as close as Red Deer as far as New Zealand.

Where do they come from?

What don’t they do? The list is way too long to print here!

What do they do?

Our 2022 event details are COMING SOON!

Where? When?

It’s up to you how much you pay. Street performers earn their living by “passing the hat”. So when you enjoy their performance, let them know with your loonies, toonies and bills. Change is available at the Toonie Tent.

How much?

Street performers’ “pitches”, Axiom Architecture Inc. Circus World, Rotary Water World, Music World, Street Market, and Food vendors, and roving entertainment. Portable washrooms are available on site. There is the Servus Credit Union ‘Change Exchange’ tent if you require change to “put in the hats”. Emergency first-aid services are available. Parking is available all around the site.

What's on-site?

Public street parking is available all around the site and is FREE on Saturdays and Sundays. As well, parking is FREE at Sorensen Station.

Parking & access

Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and comfortable footwear are in high fashion at CentreFest.


Asphalt and concrete can be very hot – too hot for paws. We strongly encourage you to leave your pets at home where they will be more comfortable.

Bicycles must be walked and skateboards carried while enjoying CentreFest.

Warning: If your cell phone rings during a show you may be shamed mercilessly. Please turn off your cell phone during performances. Videotaping is not permitted.

CentreFest is open to the public. The all-ages event is wheelchair accessible. Entrance is free, but your donation helps keep CentreFest alive. All performances are in the “pass the hat” tradition – so bring your Toonies. Change is available on site.

Drink lots of water. Time flies while you are being entertained, and because the weather is typically very dry and hot for CentreFest, we recommend that you do everything possible to stay hydrated.  Refillable water bottles are available, for sale, on-site at Water World.

Refrain from smoking in crowds, be respectful of the other festival visitors.

Please refrain from blocking doorways to businesses.  We don’t want to block customers from getting into their favourite downtown businesses.

Watch for roving performers. They will be wandering around the site and can be seen throughout the festival.

Unauthorized busking is not allowed on site.  CentreFest is a fully curated festival. If you want to take part in the activities of CentreFest, please contact Pamela at 403 598 7262.

What else should I know?





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