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Stay connected and learn all about the 2023 Centrefest Performers.

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Heromacro Show 
Circle Show Performer 
Hero & Mako, Japan 

HEROMACRO consists of HERO and MAKO performing ACRObatics. One a Ninja, the other a Geisha, displaying the culture and comedy of Japan. Hailing from Hiroshima and Kyoto, HEROMACRO has years of experience performing in festivals and on the street across Europe and around the world. HEROMACRO unites their audience with impressive feats of strength and flexibility, death defying stunts and… chopsticks.  All strung together with a quirky sense of humour that is truly Japanese.


Instagram: @heromacroshow

The Amazing Martika - One Woman Stunt Show
Circle Show Performer 

Martika graces the audience with her witty humor and playful charm. Don't let this fool you. She is a one woman stunt show that takes the audience on a journey through some of her death defying adventures. Taking calculated risks while keeping to her
goals, Martika is known for her motivational speaking while incorporating sideshow stunts. No matter how terrifying a goal may be it is achievable. Martika entertains with fire eating, barbed wire hula hooping, swallowing swords and more. Her spectacular show will have you asking. “How did she do that!? I want to see more!” 


Twist of Art and Tradition
Circle Show Performer
Richard Circus Entertainment, Ghana

A professional Performance Artist with over 15 years of experience, Richard specializes in traditional African acrobatic dance with contortion, and object manipulation acts. Committed to sharing his art, talent, creativity, and cultural richness, Richard’s engaging performances are enjoyed by diverse audiences and events around the globe!

Instagram: @richard_circusstar

Pancho Libre
Circle Show Performer

Interactive, high skilled, circus performance at its best!
Pancho traveled across the Pacific Ocean to Beijing, China and became the first Mexican to train with the world renowned Chinese Circus at their home base, the National Circus School of China.

Pancho has become a sought after independent artist regularly performing internationally in 35 countries all over the world. 

Pancho had the pleasure of performing with the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil for Canada’s 150th year celebration and has won awards in many festivals. Don't miss him!

Instagram: @pancholibreperformer

Ruby Rubberlegs
Circle Show Performer
Rani Huszar, Australia 

Rani Huszar is a tour de force, presenting physical comedy shows, and creating connection and joy in over 32 countries!  From stage to cabaret shows to outdoor theatre. Rani creates incredibly fun, positive, playful, engaging, interactive comedy shows for every occasion. 

Rani's aim is to spread love and laughter, and celebrate this incredibly hilarious and wonderful gift of life together! Life is a comedy. Life is beautiful, and Rani strives to provide connected moments of togetherness. Let Rani entertain you! 


Instagram: @foxymoronmagic

Fusion Dance Artistry
Roving Artist 
Crystal Reign, Canada 

Become mesmerized by the movement of belly dance fusion artist, Crystal Reign. Performing professionally for over 17 years, Crystal leaves her audience entranced with each intricate muscle contraction used to create the slithery and silky smooth transition from one body part to the next. Delicately weaving a new tapestry of performance artistry, Crystal is excited to showcase her talents at  CenterFest 2024!

Instagram: @somatic_temple
Facebook: @SomaticTempleTherapy

Zephyr Flow and Fly Aerial
Roving Artists 
Heather-Ashley Mesher and Amelia Violet, Canada 

Get ready to be mesmerized by Red Deer’s very own Heather-Ashley Mesher and Amelia Violet. Whether they’re fluttering through a crowd or flying through the air, these proud locals will amaze you with their fan, wing, and aerial acrobatic performances. Let this dazzling duo lift your spirits as they take to the wind with grace and elegance

Instagram: @mama_tadasana

Pandoric Productions Stilt Walking
Roving Artists 

Roving entertainment from a variety of fantastical, mile-high characters you can’t help but look up to! 

Juggling On The Move
Roving Artist
Charlie Peters, Canada  

Charlie wears many hats. Often tall and precarious hats. Usually colourful. Sometimes with a feather. Adopting many personas – from scientist to poet to general fool – an encounter with this multi-chapeau'd performer is sure to bring a smile to your face. Charlie has been seen on stages – or roving at festivals and community events – across Western Canada. Trained as a red-nosed clown at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance, Charlie also teaches juggling, acting, and more to people of all ages.


Cirquetastic Acro-Roving
Roving Artist
 Cirquetastic, Canada 

Cirquetastic brings circus and imagination in a delightful combination that you will be sure to be to be amazed by! Acrobatic, innovative performance from a duo of outstanding circus performers. Don't miss it!

Instagram: @cirquetastic
Facebook: @cirquetastic

Caricatures by Simon
Caricature Artist

Get a keepsake that will last a lifetime few short minutes! Get a customized cartoon at Caricatures By Simon with you and your partner in a lightsaber battle or dressed as your favourite Avenger! Let your ideas come to life!


Instagram: @Caricatures_bySimon
Facebook: @caricaturesbysimon

Mr. McTwist
Balloon Artist

Add joy to your Centrefest Festival experience with a balloon creation. Flowers, to Swords, to your favorite animal, Mr. McTwist makes your balloon wishes comes true! 

Facebook: @mctwistertainment


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