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Stay connected and learn all about the 2023 Centrefest Performers.

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Aytahn Ross

The City Worker

At almost 50 years of age Aytahn Ross has blossomed into a powerful middle aged clown. He amuses and confuses audiences with hilarious antics that are obvious to some and inconspicuous to others. By adapting and modifying mundane activities, he turns simple actions into satire and hilarity for all. Ross has been a full time circus artist for 25 years since he finished his useless university degree in 1998. Having managed to earn a living in the arts, he is entirely unable and unwilling to work a real job at this point in his life. Keep your eyes open to catch his performance as The City Worker.

Jelby the Juggler


Jelby is a rover and here to entertain you! You'll find her around juggling pins or balls bringing joy and smiles to everyone who witnesses!

 Instagram: @arcenicat

All - Star Comedian

Sam Malcom

Sam Malcolm is an award winning comedian who has performed on stages and streets all over the world. Sam's quick witted, razor sharp tongue and impeccable timing make for a hilariously memorable show. And to top it all off, he can also juggle 7 balls and is a world champion juggler. Sam has performed at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, California, opened for Thirty Seconds to Mars, and has been featured on CNN and NPR. Sam brings an unquantifiable energy to his shows with humor that is clever, relatable, and unexpected. For more information, visit his website

Instagram: @SamMalcolm

Funny Business

Fraser Hooper

Guaranteed giggles galore from internationally award-winning funny man Fraser Hooper. This hilarious show features a stunt duck, a human fish and the silliest boxing match you have ever seen. So get a ringside seat for a belly aching knockout performance.
After a glittering career in menswear Fraser Hooper gave it all up to become a clown. Thirty years on his award winning comedy has delighted thousands of audiences worldwide.
With a nod to the great silent clowns he uses mime, audience participation and eccentric dance in hilarious shows that delight all ages wherever he plays.

Instagram: @Fraser_Hooper

Risky Business

Corey and Tash

Risky Business!! stars Natasha McGhie and Corey Pickett. Jugglers from other sides of the world, coming together to create a circus street show full of silly banter and spectacular tricks. Passing 6 clubs around 4 volunteers is just the beginning of a finale that you will never see again. Passing on top of a giant trapeze rig held up by the volunteer’s and a giant unicycle that just wont stay still. But first, this dynamic duo is going show off their dexterity and silliness with acrobatics and synchronized Dancing!

Instagram: @fitupproductions

Hula Hoop Circus

Amanda Panda

Amanda has not only been nominated as Canada’s Top Hula Hooper and Most Influential Canadian Flow Artist... she is also an author and entrepreneur who will leave you smiling with her bright colours and exceptional talent. Larger than life and a natural kid magnet, Amanda is a delightful combination of a high energy dancer and an enthusiastic professional.

Instagram: @hulahoopcircus

Pandoric Productions

Lauren Brady

Pandoric Productions strives to cultivate imagination and inspire strength in adult and family audiences alike. Make sure to look up and catch all our fiercely whimsical stilt characters. Help an overly tall ballerina learn to dance, catch a ten-foot tall fairy's wish bubbles or teach an other-worldly alien about the human race.


Reuben DotDotDot

Pushing the limits beyond upside down!
An acrobatic handstand stunt show with style. Bringing you more skill, thrill and overkill... Putting a hat on with his feet, balanced, precariously, perched on one hand high in the air, this show is spectacular, unforgettable, inverted, and above all: well balanced!

Instagram: @reubendotdotdot

Ron Pearson Magic

Ron Pearson

Ron Pearson Magic is up-close sleight of hand magic at it's best performed by a master of the craft. With over 35 years of performing experience, Ron will amaze and delight you wherever he may appear on the festival site.
"Mind-Boggling Sleight of Hand" The Edmonton Journal
"Charming, Engaging and Brilliantly Performed" Royal National Theatre

The Cate Great Show!

Cate Great

The Cate Great Great Show! brings original comedy and high-level circus out of the theater and on to the street. Trained at E'cole de Cirque de Quebec and with 20 years of experience in circus, stage, and street, you'd think Cate's show would be good, but it's not--it's great! It's Cate Great!

Instagram: @thecategreatshow

The Last Strongman Mighty Mike

Witness Mighty Mike juggle bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather, tear packs of cards, bend pounds of metal... while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit.

Quick-witted jokes keep audiences all over the world laughing amidst the impressive feats of strength.

Ready for a new spin on a classic tradition? This is a strongman show like you've never seen before!

Instagram: @mightymikeshow

Heart of a Child

Balloon Artist

Lacombe  AB

Whether it's a birthday party, a corporate picnic or a festival, balloon art is always a popular and very loved addition! Kids and kids-at-heart love to get an unique balloon sculpture from Mr. McTwist, an award winning artist.

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